About Us
Headquartered in Decatur, Georgia, Arlene Dean Homes specializes in custom new home construction and residential remodeling. Craftsmen renovations honor their original architecture, while new homes tend to reflect a refreshing blend of prairie, farmhouse and mid–century designs. No matter the style, utmost consideration for the existing neighborhood ensures that Arlene Dean Homes always complement as well as enhance the streetscape. Interior finishes by master craftsmen/women, state–of–the–art appliances and materials, and optimally designed living spaces are also hallmarks of this privately owned company.

Focused on the details that guarantee customer satisfaction, Builder–Owner Arlene Dean and her team complete an average of four homes per year in existing neighborhoods throughout the City of Decatur. She or a project manager is on the jobsite daily to oversee and ensure quality with a hands–on approach. Homebuyers further receive the benefit of one–on–one consultation for optimal satisfaction in the end.

By choosing the most desirable neighborhoods, working with the right architect, hiring topnotch contractors, selecting materials wisely, and planning to account for small yet meaningful improvements, Arlene Dean provides uncommon value relative to comparably priced homes.

Please take a moment to meet our team. For personal attention, we encourage you to contact us.